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cherrylovesyou28 asked: Hi! My partners Diana and Anthony are also polyamorous. We been living together for almost two years! We also live Phoenix. It will get tough sometimes but it's so worth it :) good luck!

Yay! Phoenix poly lovelies! <3 Thank you

So, it is official. Lee and I are moving into our two bedroom on the 10th of August! Go us <3

simplewallflowerthoughts asked: Saw your post and wanted to say - hi! I'm poly too!

Hi lovely! <3 It’s nice to meet you!

snowever asked: Hey! Ive been wondering what type of polygamy you practice. There are so many. You are the first person i meet other than myself to be polygamous! 💕

To be honest I’m not entirely sure. Lee and I date people on the side. He had one serious girlfriend along with me, but that didn’t last very long. Do now we are just dating.

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while.

Lee and I had our first sexual experience with another polyamorous couple on Monday night and have been dealing with some negative aftermath. Lee and I never had sex and reconnected after I had sex with the other guy. Lee was also having performance issues because I didn’t pay attention to him hardly at all once everything got started. I am learning that when Lee is hurting a lot of times I throw any hurt I am also feeling and take care of him.

This usually results inn my love tank running on empty and me not feeling validated and more needy than usual.

I miss Lee a lot right now and he is being supportive, but in all honesty, I am not going to feel better until we can reconnect.

Anyone online?

Shoot me a message. The boyfriend is at work all night, so I need to stay up <3


I gave my number to a REALLY pretty chick today. Sweet green tips in her hair and pretty tall too.

Let’s see where the pieces fall.

I notice that lately (Lee has too) that I have been more attracted to really skinny women with short hair. I used to crave curves, but lately the curvy women I have been finding are really possessive. I also think I am not entirely sure what I would do with ALL that woman. Maybe a cute shy girl would be a better intro for me.

ofspaceandcolour asked: You have earned my full admiration and my affections :)

Aww. That’s sweet. Don’t really know how I did that, but cool!


AU where polyamory is 100% societally acceptable, so dystopian novels for teenage girls are forced to focus on something other than contrived love triangles.

theprecioussweetheart asked: Hey, if you ever need to talk, I'm here. I kind of understand where you're coming from on the family criticizing you. :/ Hugs and hope it gets better soon!

Its not so much my family right now. Its Lee’s. his brother in law is very insulting and vulgar about it and his mother just seems to be very passive aggressive.

It is so disappointing to me when the family that claims to love you and respect you, will try to subtly open a topic, when they know the only way it will lead, is to other family member criticizing and judging your life.